What lies in the dark subconscious expanse of our psyche?

What causes the words we hear in our mind?

What internal dynamic produces depression, panic attacks and addictions?

How can by learning what is inside brought back the love and wonder of childhood?

Depression is a prevalent psychological disorder that affects people of all age groups, across the world. It is like looking at the world through darkly coloured glasses that distort darken reality in a negative way .When a person is depressed he is more likely to think about a negative event in a more pessimistic way Clinical depression is a loss of pleasure in activities that used to be fun and exciting People often have feelings of sadness, hopelessness and pessimism People experience physical symptoms eg. Difficulty in sleeping , poor concentration and memory , low energy and change in appetite 

  1. A depressed person feels low all the time and nothing seems to lift his /her mood 
  2. There are feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness, with no hope for a change.
  3. When in depression sadness is felt and the individual is not able to lift their mood.
  4. The person feels hatred and anger, disappointed with oneself for lack of ability to deal with the situation
  5. An individual finds it difficult to deal with the situation and feeling are suppressed. But repressed feelings direct their fury to the outside world 
  6. Esteem- sapping dysfunctional thoughts    

Dealing with stress and depression –Coping mechanisms may be various ,ventilating is of prime importance. To get in touch with a deeper part of themselves , helping them to recognize and acknowledge their strengths and unique qualities .Therapies such as Music Therapy Sound and Resonance Therapy Art Therapy Hypnotherapy, Bio-guided Music Therapy The therapeutic intention  of the above therapies is to assist the individual towards the acquisition of their goals and objectives .Music and Art are excellent vehicles to navigate our life’s journey , and gives an outward expression , ventilation to our suppressed emotions . A person who has experienced great emotional turbulence is now able to calm and regulate himself . It can soften their hearts and lift their spirits. When problematic areas are identified ,acknowledged and worked through , individuals can support their creation and strengthening more positive belief and behaviours .One of the major aim of the above therapies is to achieve sense of control and wellbeing . Following will be articles in managing Disorders ----Bipolar Disorder ,Obsessive Compulsive Disorder –( O C D )Split Personality Schizophrenia 

Case Study –A lady aged 47 came to my clinic along with her husband. Well educated and well versed. She had been a patient of depression at an early stage of life and could overcome within a short period of time with family support. Got married and was living happily with a daughter and caring husband.  Empty Nest Syndrome‘ triggered another episode of depression as her daughter moved to the USA for further studies last year. She has been witnessing mood swings with no coping skills. She has a lot of hobbies, keen Golfer and loved to experiment with new dishes. Having lost all her interest in above , she is now brooding with negative thoughts and is in bed most of the day. The challenge was break out of mood swings and live a constructive life !First step she took was to find me on my website and travel a long distance  to meet me . The first session was spent in ventilation her issues , mood swings , procrastination , Fear for her daughter’s safety overseas .In the next session she was made to relax on the Sound Bed , administering music and resonance from different musical instruments . She started to calm down and took a journey a place of her choice where she found peace and relaxation. On alighting from the Sound bed which bought the relaxed look. Her anxiety which was high at 8, on a scale of 1 to 10, came down to 3. With every session she could move forward ,accepting the situation and leading a normal life .