There is one problem that evolution has not solved - the problem of death. Every person must die. We cannot live forever! How frustrating that can be?  

I hope you get the sarcasm intended in the above statement. 'Every person born must die' is the norm. But HOW we live and die is what concerns us, doesn't it? We are not really afraid of death per se but the fact that we have to go through the whole pain and burden before getting there. Well, it can happen with any disease but the ones diagnosed of cancer seem to consider it more than the others. 

Ok, so you may or may not die from cancer immediately - accepted. What next? What are the treatment modalities available and what can one hope for with homeopathy?

First, let me explain to you a little about cancer cells. Every one of us has cancer cells in our bodies. It simply means that every person has some mutations occurring all the time in some cells that can cause a change in the cellular function and division. But not all of us suffer from cancer. This is because the all knowing immune system is vigilant enough to identify these rogue cells and kill them (by inducing a self destructing process) before they cause any mischief. But, when the power of those dangerous cells is greater than that of immune system or the immune mechanism is weak so it cannot control the malfunctioning and invasion by these cells, cancer results. The reason for this ranges from genetics, to what you eat to what treatments have been taken and how your relationships are.

Cancer cells cause terrible damage in various tissues and ultimately cause the death of the person. So, on high alert, the medical system has devised various methods to KILL these cells. The problem is, most of the methods adopted to kill cancer cells also cause harm to normal cells, as a result, along with getting rid of the cancer, the person must suffer collateral damage. The body is never the same.

Now, if we were to strengthen the immune system instead and not bother with killing the cells? Sounds ideal right? Well, that is exactly what homeopathy does. Whatever may be the disease, homeopathy does not directly affect the tissue alone. Instead, it aims to strengthen the immune system whose job it is to take care of any problem arising in the body. The same is done in cancer cases as well. So, when people become empowered and live in harmony, terrorising elements will automatically die down without requirement of enforcement of law. 

So, am I saying we can cure every cancer case with homeopathy? Nope, leave alone cancer, if anybody promises to cure ANY 'disease' at all, doubt that doctor. Because, curability is a very individual possibility. Every person's body is different from the next. So are the health and cure possibilities. It is only after studying every person's full history - the genetic make up, the circumstantial stresses, the treatments, the emotional and physical status etc, that any such claim or otherwise may be made. 

But in whatever limit that genetics and other influences pose in a person's health, homeopathy can achieve the best possible for that particular individual. The worst case scenario is that the person shall live just a little longer, with the cancer spreading - but live on his terms, happily, not bedridden, with minimal or no pains and then, one day, leave his earthly body like the shedding of a leaf - naturally. No machines to keep him breathing, devoid of movement, in immense pain and with no life whatsoever. This itself is a great achievement, even if homeopathy aims for nothing further. And yet there is much more that can be enjoyed through homeopathic treatment - as long as the treatment is based on the tenets of CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY.

As the famous dialogue in the movie, Anand goes "Zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chahiye dost" - let homeopathy be your aid to live that large life to the fullest while it last!