There has always been a constant argument on caffeine. According to many it is good and for others it is bad, but still the debate is wide open. Caffeine is one of the two drugs (the other one is nicotine) that is legal and socially domesticated and the reason behind it is that both are less toxic, when taken in standard and controlled quantities. In order to know more about caffeine, it is important to know what caffeine is. 

Caffeine is a naturally occurring element found in beans and plants, and we all consume it through a variety of food and drinks and the most common of these are coffee, tea,chocolate and carbonated and energy drinks. Though all of these are attractive and delicious, caffeine is a drug, and hence it become all the more important to know about it in details and the impact it has on our overall health and our body. Let’s understand in details: 

The Advantages of Consuming Caffeine are    

- It Provides Us Energy

As mentioned earlier that caffeine is a drug and it directly impacts our central nervous system by providing us with the energy. It can also assist in concentration, attention and focussing. It helps in improving memory power, decrease fatigue and improve our mental abilities. 

- It helps Boost Metabolism

It might sound surprising,but it is true – it helps in boosting our metabolism. It is all done via thermogenesis, a bodily function where the body generates heat and energy while digesting food and this process also aids in losing calories while our body is in rest mode. It is why caffeine is a common active ingredient in many weight loss supplements and drugs. 

- It helps improving memory and keeps you alert

Caffeine acts as a stimulant drug that can improve our short-term memory and expedites our reaction time. 

- Helps against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

As per studies it has been verified that moderate consumption of coffee on a regular basis can help in decreasing the risks of developing Parkinson’s disease.

- It helps fight diabetes and development of the disease

Caffeine have proved to reduce the risks of development of diabetes and even helps in improving conditions of insulin resistance in diabetics on its regular consumption.  

The Downsides of Consuming Caffeine 

- It can cause insomnia

It is a stimulate that keeps us awake and alert and can cause insomnia is consumed late during the day. Many people consume it to stay alert and on regular such condition, it causes insomnia.

- Increases the chances of Osteoporosis

Caffeine has the downside of interfering with calcium absorption and thereby, increasing the risks of osteoporosis – a condition which is characterized by low bone density and bone fractures.

- Increases blood pressure

It has been found that the stimulant moderately increases the levels of blood pressure in us and especially in them who do not consume it regularly.

- It can cause urinary incontinence

 Caffeine is the body increases the frequency of urination and also the amount of it, which can further lead to urinary incontinence – a condition where you have frequent and strong urges to urinate.