While working at Rural PHC, I came across many women who were diagnosed as suffering from Low BP and were prescribed i/v fluids by the well-meaning Quacks.

Drips were given under most unhygienic conditions, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Low BP is a Disease that requires Hospitalization. 

Low BP can be due to heavy bleeding caused by injuries, both internal and external, dehydration due to excessive water loss, starving and wrong ways of dieting by rich women and not having enough to eat by the poor women who have borne a lot too many children, one after another.

It is important to talk about Low BP before discussing High BP.

People are Obsessed with BP.

People refuse to take treatment for life.

It is a Disorder of Faulty Lifestyle and part of an ageing process like wearing spectacles is for Weak EyeSight.

Sometimes the blood pressure readings are not Done Right.

Mercury is banned but readings taken by those instruments were more accurate compared to the digital BP instrument which has an advantage of the readings being visible to the patient and has a disadvantage that the readings can vary if the cells are slightly weak.

Change the cells if readings shown are presumed to be faulty and do check on both the arms.

Remember that the readings vary though slightly in both arms and readings are different in the clinic vs checking at restful conditions at home, readings differ during mornings and evenings.

  • Do Not eat or drink caffeinated beverages for 30 minutes before measuring blood pressure and empty the bladder before a check.
  • The arm should be supported on the table at the level of BP machine, wire of the cuff apparatus should be adjacent to blood vessels of the elbow.
  • Sit quietly for 5 minutes before getting checked for BP.
  • Sit still. Do not move arms or legs.
  • Upper arm should be bare.
  • Do Not Carry BP up by the sleeve; Literally. 
  • Do Not be obsessed by readings of BP. Slight variations are the Rule. It can be on a higher side while watching a cricket match/crime TV/Laughing out Loud etc but People do adjust themselves without medications.

Some Doctors do prescribe low dose medicines for high BP to People with Normal BP, as these medicines keep the heart and blood vessels relaxed and are good for Prevention and Protection of Heart and Brain from getting fatal attacks like a Heart attack or a Stroke.

We are lucky to have safe medicines and Low BP due to medicines is a thing of past.