Ever faced a nagging low back ache that just won't quit? You could be heading to  sciatica.The name sciatica is commonly given to any painful condition along the course of the great  sciatic nerve. It is one of the most common reasons why people miss there work and appoint a physiotherapist. In case your back pain is not under control and you have been neglecting it, you are susceptible to acute pain,sciatica,nerve pain and pain in other regions caused from a pinched nerve. Long-term pain in the back region can lead to permanent ailments like degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis.

Causes of pain

Severe pain in the lower back can be caused by herniated disc, ligament strain,incorrect posture or post delivery muscle imbalance.An individual can also suffer pain due to systemic conditions ankylosing spondylosis,  rheumatoid arthritis ,fibromyalgia.

Stages for assessing and treating low back pain

1/The physiotherapist first aim is to relieve the pain .The patient is given physiotherapy sessions all aiming to relieve pain.It can include many MODALITIES to relieve the spasm and inflammation.The patient is advised to take rest till the acute phase is over. Pain is the body signal to go slow 

2/When the patient is improving and pain is reduced gradually exercises are added to make the back muscles strong.We start working on the flexibility of the muscles .We try to achieve the strength in the muscles

3/Each day patient is assessed ad exercises are gradually increased

4/certain precautions are to followed depending o the diagnosis.

5/Gradually we taper the sessions and more focus is give to specific stretch of involved muscle

The human body is so amazing yet sometimes it's so  delicate. 

Regular exercise in correct form is important to maintain proper muscle strength of the back.The human back  is supported by several big muscle groups.They serve two functions -one is to facilitate the posture and movements of the back itself and other is to help the movements of the rest of the body appendages-arms,head,pelvis,legs.The health of these muscle group is important to take stress of the spinal bones and maintain proper funtions