My baby has cold and congestion since yesterday. As a worried parent, his difficulty with feeding, sleeping and breathing in general have prompted me to reassess the things that I did incorrectly. So just as a reminder to other parents, in this changing weather

1. Avoid taking baby outside in the dry heat.

2. Avoid exposure to people who have respiratory illness. And there are going to be many in this season. Be tactful, don't hurt any feelings while making sure that any coughs and sneezes are away from general direction of the baby.

3. Don't let baby sit on the cold tiles, put a separation in the form of foam mats/wood boards. Better still avoid floor play till the season settles.

4. Take action to clear nose if blockage is making feeding difficult. Nasoclear Saline Gel is pediatrician recommended. Warm saline water made at home is also helpful.

5. Be alert for breathing problems/any abnormal sounds.