Your liver is the third most important organ following your brain and heart but is less cared for in a usual health regime. More often than not, the liver is usually loaded with so much toxins and alcoholic beverages that it can barely put up with the processing it has to undergo to keep your body healthy and detoxified. But first, let’s understand how your liver works.

Liver : The Largest And The Mightiest Gland Of Your Body 

Weighing around 1.2 to 1.5 kilograms, the liver is considered to be the heaviest and the mightiest gland of the body. And why not, it takes care of digestion, excretion and detoxification of the body. In other words, this organ is a single man army taking care of the whole body machinery. It constitutes of hepatic lobules and secretes bile for digestion while coordinating with the hepatic portal system and lymph circulation from the lower parts of the body.

Damages That Your Liver Undergoes : Alcohol and Toxins

With a lifestyle having a party every weekend with huge workloads in their weekdays, it’s imperative that your body has to go through a lot, especially organ systems. An organ like liver with such complex secretions and mechanisms can only take so much. Especially, when it is bombarded with more alcohol than it can process. Consequently, it accumulates toxic compounds like acetaldehyde which can damage liver lobules.

How To Protect Your Liver Ayurvedically

Ayurveda has been helping mankind since ages with choicest herbs and formulations that can not only heal your hepatic lobules but also prevent its degradation while eliminating the toxins accumulated over time. Herbs like Kalmegha Ghan and Kutki boost the liver immunity and it helps protect the liver. In ages like this, where herbs are rare to find in its purest form, you can find the best formulations for liver in the form of Ayurveda syrups or tonics. Consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication.