Food is considered just as powerful as medicine. The healing property of some foods support a healthy body and helps to rejuvenate and repair. One of the most important things we can do for our health every day is to eat wisely.

Some of them are:

Lemons- They stimulate digestion and are both nourishing and purifying. They also help in reducing the toxins. One should drink unsweetened lemonade as many times in a day.

Ghee- Ghee is best known to aid digestion, calm the nerves and as the absorption rate is very high, it makes it an excellent medium for transporting the nutrients of other foods to the tissues. It is used as rejuvenating and longevity promoting food.

Dates & Figs- These are an excellent source of energy and is used to build tissues. Eat one-two dates daily.
Almonds- They are nourishing and life-supporting and should be eaten after peeling their skins. They are helpful in increasing strength and energy.
Ginger- This is often referred as the universal medicine that promotes digestion and quickly treat indigestion.
Cumin Seeds- They serve as a digestive aid, remove toxins and Alma-reducer for all doshas.
Juicy, seasonal fruits- They are highly nutritive, purifying and have high healing properties.
Green leafy vegetables- They are both nutritive and purifying. The bitter flavour they have stimulates the liver, help balance blood sugar and aids skin conditions.
Milk- Milk is considered as a vitalizer by Ayurveda and recommended after injuries because of its healing properties.