Problems related to the Respiratory System

Long term cold, increase in size of nose bone and cartilage, clots, increase in size of adenoid glands, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, long term cough, asthma, pediatric asthma etc.


Well known reasons- increased contact with pollution, dust and smoke; strong odors, hereditary reasons etc. From the lens of Ayurveda- habit of eating sweets after meals, overuse of cold and heavy-to-digest foodstuffs in meals, untimely meals, doing the opposite of hunger status, heavy mental stress, drinking excess water, overuse of milk and milk products(especially in children), bakery products, constipation causing products etc. According to Ayurveda, even though cold, cough and asthma are diseases of the respiratory tract, its roots are deep within the stability of our digestive system, diet, immunity etc. Permanent cure of these disorders is not possible if other factors are not compilable.


Many medicines like SITOPALADI CHURNA, SHWAS KUTHAR, ADULSA decoction, BRITHWAT CHINTAMANI etc. But, the exact usage and duration of different medicines for different situations is only determinable by a vaidya. It is equally important to derive a relation between the birth date of the patient and the DOSHAS related to the contemporary season. Also, the PANCHA KARMAS  are performed to benefit the medicines. The following dos and don’ts are necessary to be followed.


Curd, buttermilk, milk products, excess water after meals, immediate sleep after lunch or dinner, overeating, frequent eating, overuse of cold food, use of perfume, chinese-punjabi food, overexposure to cold, regular swimming, new grains etc.


Warm and fresh food, early dinner, drinking warm water after meals, eating TAMBOOL, using dry fruits over custard apple, bananas etc. Regularly use edibles like fig, black dried grapes, dried dates, etc. In case of obligation, use sheep’s milk. Daily use of honey, garlic, raw onions, MOONG, mutton soup, puffed maize etc.  Regular massage beneficial for elderly and children. Regular NASYA is advised.


Easy and regular exercise enhances immunity, strength, increases tidal capacity. Exercise keeps the respiratory tract clean and free. SURYA NAMASKAR, PAWANMUKTASANA, SARWANGASANA, HALASANA, PASCHIMOTTANASANA, MATSYASANA, KHECHARI MUDRA etc. yogic asanas are important in order to stave off the ailment in the future. 

Accurate Ayurveda treatment and the dietary dos and don’ts are sure to help prevent and heal chronic respiratory conditions. 

Note: This article has been authored by the practitioner for informational purposes only. It is a must to consult a practicing professional before using/ taking any medicines.