As healthcare professional we take care of both physical as well as mental health of our patients, out of which at most priority is Mental health in today's era.

Let us talk of bipolar disorders today. 30th March is celebrated as World Bipolar Day all over the world.

Bipolar Disorder

Its a psychiatric disorder which  oscillates between two poles, poles of depression and Mania. It's commonly seen in age group from 18 to 25 but due to overwhelming stress it can be seen occurring at an early age or in elderly people too. Women tend to have later onset than men and Women. Worldwide prevalence of bipolar disorder is 2%.



  • Genetics 
  • Stress Neuro-chemical imbalance. 


There are two extremes experienced by these patients.

Symptoms of Depression phase:

  • Sadness of mood 
  • Lack of interest 
  • Hopelessness 
  • Worthlessness 
  • Low confidence 
  • Low self esteem 
  • Low decision making 
  • Lack of concentration 
  • Fearfulness 
  • Disturbed sleep and appetite. 
  • Suicidal ideas/attempts 

Symptoms of Mania

  • Altered behavior 
  • Angry outbursts
  • Abusive
  • Assaultive at times 
  • Talking excessively 
  • Talking big things
  • Over familiarity 
  • Excessive spending sprees 
  • Excessive and unreasonable shopping 
  • Diminished need to sleep and voracious appetite. 
  • Hyperrelegiousity 
  • Hyper-sexuality
  • Excessive use of addictive substances. 

Criminal behavior Maniac patients don't keep up with reality. 

There is social and occupational impairment in both the phases.


Yes treatment is very much possible and important. We use constitutional homoeopathic medicines depending on case. Medicines used are mood elevating for depression phase.symptom specifics to calm the patients in phase of mania. It's very safe treatment useful for extremely depressed patients, suicidal patients and manic patients.

Once patient is in remission phase we start with counseling for the patients. But we start with psycho-education  of family members  the very first day. Family members and friends play pivotal role in the treatment for all psychiatric disorders.

Important tips for patients and caregivers:

  1. They should follow treatment as per advised.
  2. They should not miss single dose.
  3. Exercise and yoga are very important. 
  4. Cultivation of hobby like reading, swimming, music,dance etc is also equally important.
  5. Social gathering will improve their confidence.
  6. Patients should resume their  occupation as soon as possible once doctor advises so.
  7. They should be away from addictive substances.
  8. Caregivers and friends show exhibit empathy and not sympathy 

Co-occurring disorders

Anxiety disorders

Substance use disorder

General conditions:

Cardiac disorder, Thyroid dysfunction Obesity Females may experience these symptoms around menstruation, around menopause, during and post pregnancy. 

So dear friends, please read apply & circulate this message to as many as you can so as to create an awareness of this disorder. and you can help in care giving of bipolar disorder.

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