How terrible is the pain of the mind and heart when the freedom of mankind is suppressed!” E.A. Bucchianeri,  

STAGES OF SUPPRESSING SEX-Teenage, before marriage, the period of pregnancy and infants, separation, fights in a couple, distant relationship, undergoing divorce and old age. 

Three kinds of Arousal-

  1. Mental
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical
Brain Functions
  • Mental- is about thinking and mental stimulation. This is the state where we are exploring, learning new and different things. We are driven into sexual thought life and get aroused.  
  • Emotional- when we are emotionally charged up and feel passionate about something. We may be excited, joyful or feeling any other emotion. Less frequency because of a direct connection between mind and physical arousal.  
  • Physical- occurs where our bodies are in an intense drive or spontaneously desiring to be intimate. Physical arousal includes both sexual arousal and the bodily activation.

Brain, mind and body- Emotional arousal also engage the physical arousal system. The thinking power has the greatest involvement in cognitive arousal. This mental arousal may also involve emotional and physical. Having sexual drive is normal but how we behave and handle our sexual needs it matters, We need to find a way that is acceptable to both or the individual. Misleading and misguiding regarding sex is harmful, teaching that sex should be suppressed harms actual mind and body.  

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology, He said that constriction and repression of sexual behaviour in youth would manifest in adulthood. We, on the other hand, live in a society that still considers sex as taboo and frown upon ways to relieve one's sexual urges, especially if practised by the unmarried. Hardly anyone speaks about such important issues that affect several people. Maybe it's because one is afraid of being labelled a deviant, pervert or sexually frustrated. FROM GOOGLE.    

Reasons -Normally single parent/widows/ widowers face issues because of not indulging in sexual relations after the death, divorce or separation of their spouse. Problems like depression, long working hours, health issues etc.  Families who are reserved and born in orthodox families, pre-marital sex is not accepted, Men and women usually have to wait to get married in order to have sex. All these reasons usually lead to suppression.    

Sex thought Life

Indications and signs- Avoiding sexual urges, isolating, losing confidence, intense working out, running away from responsibility, watching porn and putting a face mask of joy.    Side effects- Neglecting to groom, not maintaining good health, looking dull, anxiety, confusion and meeting counsellor's one after the another, without any follow up.    

Balancing- Professional help is recommended, who are in these stages mentioned above. You need to deal and prevent sexual suppression through educating yourself, meditation and fitness lifestyle.  Avoid or say NO to unsafe practices like having multiple partners and meeting strangers.