Information on aesthetic plastic surgery is readily available from various sources these days but not all of these sources are credible and verified. Not all surgeons have equivalent and rigorous training. The most important thing that patient should remember is that both plastic and cosmetic surgeries have an excellent result and record of safety when performed by a qualified surgeon but if you land up in wrong hands there is no doubt about decreased patient safety and compromised results. Often people approach an aesthetic surgery as if they are undertaking some treatment in a spa or salon which is quite wrong on their part. They should be aware of the fact that in addition to the wonderful benefits of these surgeries there are risks involved. The patient should understand that from simple procedures like chemical peels to complex plastic surgeries there are complications involved which can be minimized in the presence of a trained and experienced plastic surgeon. Untrained and inexperienced practitioners can cause serious and irreversible harm to the patient. Patients should do a bit of homework before choosing their surgeon which will increase the chance of a successful result and satisfying results.