Are you happy? A very simple 3 word question but when asked the answer seems to be so complicated. Maybe cause all these times we were always focusing on what made us sad or unhappy. Life has many phases, some makes us feel positive, while some makes us feel drowned. Then there are some phases where it is difficult to understand how exactly we are feeling, that is where we get stuck. In those times we seek for help and guidance from our environment but not everyone gets it. Maybe cause the one from whom we chose is not able to connect or we ourselves are not clear of what we want and at times we get to hear something that we already know. That is where, we seek a professional help.

According to a study conducted by the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health in 2005, nearly 5% of India's population suffers from common mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Where as in 2013, 31 million years of healthy life were lost to mental illness in India. Estimates now suggest that by 2025, 38.1 million years of healthy life will be lost to mental illness in India (23 per cent increase). The report on Global Burden of Disease estimates the point prevalence of unipolar depressive episodes to be 1.9% for men and 3.2% for women, and the one-year prevalence has been estimated to be 5.8% for men and 9.5% for women.

These ratios are estimated to go high cause of the few reasons like, very few doctors available in mental health area, busy lifestyle where people have work and other things on priority list and mental health goes ignored, other factors like Aside from financial issues, additional personal, social and geographic factors also make access to needed mental health services less likely. Now, the help is just a call away. is where you can connect to seek help. We believe in a collaborative approach with a strong culture of ethics, transparency, confidentiality and accountability to our partners and participants. We deal with personality, relationship, career and current distressing situations. We work as team to find effective and long term solutions for your life. Medi-skool brings to all, a holistic approach for health through its preventive healthcare program. We believe in healthy living and work on all areas of life that effects health from any perspective.