Science of Ayurveda relies on personality of a person. Since not even 3 daughters of same mother have same personality, medicines for all the 3 of them too are different.

We have 3 types of personalities- Vatta, Pitta & Kapha

  • Vatta is like Air- Flighty, go getter,intelligent ,thin,result oriented and prone to lots of Stress, be it of the healthy kind showing positive results.
  • Pitta is like Water- Cool, Accepting reality,balanced human but a bit suspicious but giving anyway.
  • Kapha is like Mother Earth- giving lots but expecting lots in return & may not be getting as much, prone to Abuse, Trusting kind & less of a Always on the move.

If medicine for cool person is given to a flighty person, it is harmful for sure.

Ayurveda medicine is a system of medicine with historical roots in Indian Subcontinent and it has Nothing to do with Hindu Religion. This Science is equated to way of life like Hindu religion is.

In The Western World Ayurveda Therapies and practices (which are manifold) have been Integrated in General Wellness applications and as well in some cases in medical use.

It is believed that medical knowledge is transmitted from Gods to sages, and thence to human Physicians. Thus the Sushurta Samhita narrates how Dhanwantri, the "greatest of mighty celestial" incarnated himself as Devodasa ( servant of Gods), a mythical king of Varanasi, who taught a group of wise physicians including Sushurta himself.

The Science has evolved over centuries, more than 2 millennia

Therapies are based on complex Herbal Compounds, but no scientific studies have been done. Ayurvedic doctors regard physical existence, mental existence & personality as a Unit. Diagnosis of illness is made by feeling the pulse, vision, speech, appearance tongue, hearing (all of 5 senses.) There are no tests advised as a routine and treatment should be taken from learned FEW Only.

Ayurveda is getting popular through word of mouth as of today

  • Flax seeds do reduce bad fats in blood.
  • Lemon & honey with warm water taken on empty stomach does reduce weight.
  • No harm in doing Surya Namaskar for 20 minutes- it is best way to get natural Vitamin D,the Sunshine Vitamin.
  • Pure Ghee is now promoted by Allopaths also but to be taken in moderation only as good fats are essential to our body.
  • But Do Not Follow Advice of Each other without Looking Within & knowing your own bodies.