Iliotibial band syndrome is inflammation of the iliotibial band on the outside of the knee as it rubs against the outside of knee joint. Most common in overuse injuries among runners.   


  • Running up and down stairs. 
  • Prolonged sitting in cross leg sitting. 
  • Inadequate warm up and cool down period. 
  • Hiking long distance. 
  • Excessive up hill and downhill running. 
  • Weak glutei, quadriceps, core muscles. 
  • Poor foot arch control. 
  • Endurance running.
  • Worn out shoes. 


  • Pain outside knee while 45degree knee bending. 
  • Sharp or burning pain just above the outer knee. 
  • Swelling outer knee. 
  • Pain worsens with the continuation of running or other repetitive activities.


  • Shoe modification. 
  • Rest or decrease mileage for few days if pain already started to prevent further injury. 
  • Walk half or quarter mile before running. 
  • Run in middle of road where it is flat. 
  • Avoid running on concrete surfaces.
  • When running on track change directions repeatedly.