‘Stress’ is a word that we use very often these days. All routine activities that we do these days cause stress. Even the most simple ritual of driving back and forth to work in this maddening traffic, taking phone calls at all times of the day including odd hours, (what is odd hours, by the way, many youngsters would ask), talking on the phone even while eating, carrying your phones inside the toilet with you, constantly checking for your mails and WhatsApp messages, listening to music all day long with ear phones plugged to your ears, and so on and so forth, every activity contributes towards building up this stress. But what exactly is stress? 

In simple layman terms, the constant engagement of the mind is stress. 

I remember, when we traveled as kids with the family, getting lost in the landscape was the ultimate pleasure and past time. While sometimes we would bemuse ourselves at our co-passengers dozing off happily on their neighbour’s shoulders. Without a care of the world, we would chat up with strangers, and therein lay all our entertainment of the world. All kinds of people in all kinds of attires, hair-dos, mannerisms would keep us amused for as long as the journey lasted. And by the time this journey ended, our minds were bubbling with an unexplained joy.

Alas not anymore! Times have changed, technology for all its benefits has a firm grip on our senses now. The moment we board a bus, a train or a plane and get a place to sit, out comes our phones. And there we are! We drown in the same rut of messages, mails, games et al. And the mind never gets a chance to unwind.

This constant preoccupation of the mind translates into stress and this stress is real!

So, what should one do to fight this stress? There are various options to choose from – leave your job, leave your city, go to the hills, dump your phone, stop taking messages, don't board buses, trains or planes, go into hiding among many others. Is it feasible? Can we do this in this age and time? The answer is obviously NO. So what can be done to keep living in the city, keep working on this job, keep taking phone calls and still be stress-free!

The answer is simple: Expose your body to some Negative Ions.

Let me explain what negative ionization is? The air around us contains a delicate balance of charged particles, -ve and +ve particles. All gadgets that produce heat like electrical devices, electronic items, lights, bulbs, machines also emit positively charged particles. Closed spaces are called '+ve Ion Prisons' for a reason, be it homes or offices. Nature on the other hand emits negative ions in plenty, waterfalls, open valleys, sunlight, open scenic spots are abundant in –ve ions.

For a healthy mind and body, a balance of both +ve and -ve ions is a must. An imbalance in the environment around us creates an imbalance in the mind also and ultimately leads to stress.

No wonder companies these days make it mandatory for their employees to take days off away from work. The concept of 'work-from-home' is largely based on the principle that people work better when left to work in open spaces rather than closed work areas.

In the maddening pace of modern lifestyle, Stress is our biggest enemy. Now you can keep stress at bay by ensuring that your body gets adequate negative ionization too.

If you cannot travel to a natural scenic place all that often, then salt rooms are a good option. Salt rooms are a haven for negatively charged particles, they contain 3-4 tons of sea salt and salt is inherently negatively ionized. Sitting in the salt room for one hour is like spending a day at the beach. This one-hour session will calm your senses, cleanse your lungs and give your body the much needed immunity. Salt rooms are fast gaining recognition worldwide for their cleansing and de-stressing properties as more and more salt rooms are being built in every nook and corner of the world.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and get salted!