Shalini Ahuja (Name Changed), 49 yrs, was suffering from Lower Backache (Lumbar Spondylosis) since 3 years associated with numbness in both lower limbs & radiating pain to both the limbs, pain in calf muscles, her pain increased day by day and the mobility was absolutely restricted and finally she got paralysed and became bed ridden. She being a businesswoman was totally off from her business. During this period She took treatment from almost all the super speciality hospitals in Delhi NCR & abroad and was advised to go for surgery with no guarantee. Seeing her suffering somebody suggested her to  consult Dr. A C Thomas of which she thought were all super specialists have failed ,how will Dr. Thomas help her, so she did not come. After 3-4 months her condition worsened and because of severe pain she  decided to pay a visit to Dr. Thomas's clinic, where the doctor said that he will be giving her a course of therapy of 28 sessions along with few internal medication after which she will be completely fine and will be able to do her day to day activities without any disability or difficulty. Somehow the patient got determined by Doctor Thomas's inspiring words, but the patient was in severe pain and unable to walk or move by her own or  to come to the centre for therapy, so on the first day of session four of her relatives carried her on their arms and brought her to the basement.Right after the 1st session she was able to climb the stairs with support and went back home.Within the 12th sitting of the treatment, the patient got complete relief and went to bangkok for her business tour and came back after which she took her complete course of 28 sessions and is fit now and working.