Bad breath can be really annoying to the opposite person during the interaction. Oral health plays a very important role in self-esteem and social interaction apart from chewing. Here are some tips to eschew bad smell and helps you in gaining confidence before you move out.

1. Avoid onion and Garlic: These foodstuffs have a very pungent smell after you consume them. Its better you avoid them before you attend any public event or job interview.

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2. Have a sugar free chewing gum: Chew a sugar free gum so it helps to stimulate salivary glands that produce saliva which helps in keeping oral cavity moist rather than leaving it completely dry that imparts bad breath and easy decay formation around teeth.

3. Rule out medical issues: Have a word with your gastroenterologist so that he helps in ruling out any stomach problems which give rise to bad breath. 

4. Regular teeth cleaning: By visiting the dentist every 6 months you will be able to get rid of any tooth problem that has just begun so that you avoid physical pain, emotional suffering. Get your teeth clean by the dentist every 6 months which helps to avoid bad breath that arises because of gums infection and calculus formation.

5. Clean your tongue: Make sure you clean your tongue and make it a habit in your oral hygiene care because whatever you eat gets deposited on the tongue and gives bad breath. Cleaning your tongue is as important as your teeth to avoid tongue disorders.

6. Follow thorough oral hygiene: Poor oral hygiene leads to bad breath. Ensure that you must daily practice correct brushing technique, gums massage, tongue cleaning and proper mouthwash. 

7. Avoid Tobacco/ Alcohol: Any form of tobacco imparts bad smell. Its always better to avoid alcohol and tobacco that destroys human vital organs.

8. Be aware of medications that give bad breath: Few medicines give a metallic taste in the mouth that causes bad breath. Also, some of them cause dry mouth which again results in a bad smell. Its better you rule out with the concerned doctor and take precautions.

9. Food rich in fibre content: Have fruits and veggies rich in fibre that keep your oral cavity healthy and free from bad breath. Not only bad breath but also it helps in avoiding decay. Stay always hydrated to avoid dry mouth and bad smell.