Hypertension which is known as high BP in layman’s language. If anybody is suffering due to it, chances are fairly high that medicines will be his/her companion for rest of the life, which is not a pleasant thought. The association starts with one 1 pill, graduates to 2 and in some cases to even 3 pills. Still, it doesn’t solve the purpose, if something goes awry then it does shoot up. For that to happen small trigger is also adequate.

Reasons for it can be anything under the sun, like road rage, rush hour, work stress, small differences in couples. Even if domestic help doesn’t turn up it’s enough provocation for many ladies to get annoyed. Also taking pills for longer duration cannot prevent perils of BP like stroke, paralysis, heart problems, organ damage. Then it is tough to dodge vicious circle of hospitalization. Also, don’t forget the parting gift of the pill’s side effects. These are the reasons why it is called the “silent killer “.

It’s a high time that we must recognize the value of our health. Do not put material aspects over priceless possession we have received from nature. So try to avoid this monster, it can save your trips to hospitals. Give time and attention to your body and soul so you can stay away from hypertension.

Below are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Maintain body weight
  2. Get up early. Go for a morning walk in fresh air and parks/exercise for 30 minutes daily. Do pranayama
  3. Watch your food, not the TV. Avoid tv while eating. Try to have food once a day with the entire family
  4. Do not have food late at night
  5. Follow the timings of breakfast/lunch/dinner. Eat healthily. There is a  difference between human body and dustbin. Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)
  6. Limit the salt in food. Avoid liquor and smoking
  7. Throw worry out of the window
  8. Start expressing yourself. Don't hold grudges. Do not suppress feelings which need to come out naturally