The Arthritic knee swelling

Pain in the knee joints is associated with swelling which tends to increase in winters and this swelling is always associated with pain, hence to reduce pain swelling must be reduced first.The main cause is inflammation i.e. irritation of joints, the synovial lining that causes pain and swelling.

Here are few remedies and exercises you can try at home and are applicable only to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis-related knee swelling.

1) Contrast bath: Apply hot packs and alternate with an ice pack for about 5 min each alternatively 3 times i.e the total time taken would be 30 min.This should be done before starting any exercise.

2) Leg slides: While sleeping alternatively bend your leg from knee and straighten it. Repeat it 10 times alternatively on each leg.

3) Knee Press and Lift: Place a bolster below the knee and press the knee now holding in this position lift the foot off the floor and relax. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

4) Supine Cycling: While lying on back start cycling with 20 repetitions.

5) Compression Bandage: A kneecap or bandage over the knee can be helpfully in reducing the swelling. This should be only worn during activities and not at rest or at night.

 6) Leg Elevation: While resting elevate your ankle above the heart level approx 2 pillows and 1 pillow below the knee.

7) Before getting up after rest do leg slides (2 no. exercise) to ease the joints: Also avoid sitting for more than half hour at one place and if at all it is needed then after every half hour have a small walk like going to the kitchen to have a sip of water.