Wrinkles appear as a result of the aging process. They are unavoidable but can be delayed. When present, wrinkles can be reduced by 7 ways.

  1. Healthy diet (Vitamin C, Collagen rich food, other supplements, etc)
  2. Healthy lifestyle (minimizing sun exposure, use of sun blocks and moisturizers, exercise, good sleep)
  3. Avoiding stress (smiling more and frowning less)
  4. Injection of relaxing toxins (Botulinum toxin) into muscles of facial expressions that causes "dynamic lines"
  5. Injection of fats (fat transfer) or absorbable fillers (HA) under skin grooves
  6. Stimulation of the dermal collagen by non-invasive skin tighthening machines like RF and less-invasive procedures like needling or lasers
  7. Surgical face lift to remove excess wrinkled skin