Summer is back. Here comes the season in which you can shed off your extra pounds, you desired to lose for many months. 

Summer is a good season to lose weight because unlike winter and rainy season, it doesn’t make you sluggish and lazy. In summers you can get up early and have a good time to exercise as early morning exercise helps to lose weight faster. Secondly, hot weather may help to suppress your hunger and make you less prone to binge eating, as most of us do in winter or rainy season. This way you can work out more and have good control of diet. So what can be your ideal diet to lose weight and be active without compromising your health? Here are few tips which may help you: 

  1. Drink plenty of Fluids: Hydration is the most important thing to remember in summer. This will help you to fight heat stroke and suppress your hunger. You can include low-calorie liquids like unsweetened lemon juice, green tea, ice tea, coconut water, buttermilk, etc. These beverages will help you to keep you cool and if you consume them before your meal it will help to cut down your calories too.
  2. Avoid Sugary and soft drinks: On hot sunny afternoon you may want to have a chilled glass of aerated drink or juice; Beware this may add extra calorie to your diet which is increasing your weight. Also drinking chilled beverages results in slowing down your metabolism and thus result in weight gain.
  3. Eat small frequent meals with lighter dinner: Eating small frequent meals are always advisable. You could have a heavy breakfast with a good ratio of carbohydrate and proteins along with fresh fruit. This will keep you going throughout the day. Your lunch can be moderate with a good amount of fiber-rich salads, while you can keep your dinner lighter by eating soups and salads.Eating salads and soup at night in summer make you feel fresh and prevent a gastric upset. You may prefer cold soup too. As a bonus, you can forget portion control when it comes to eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Rest in between meals you can drink your calories in the form of juices.
  4. Treat yourself to a natural dessert: In summer we love to have chilled ice creams which are loaded with sugars and fats. Instead, you can replace it with frozen yoghurt, fruit salads, fruit Popsicle.
  5. Avoid oily and fried foods: Avoid oily, fried and sugary foods for two reasons. First, they are high in calories which will result in weight gain, secondly, due to slow digestion in summers, it will cause gastric upset.
  6. Include superfoods: Superfoods like chia seeds (sabja seeds in India), lemons, ginger, water containing foods like watermelons, pineapple, oranges, berries, grapes, cucumber, bell peppers, onion. Sabja seeds are rich in protein and fiber, also they have excellent cooling property. While other foods have highest water content and a good amount of vitamins and antioxidant which will help to combat stress-related weight gain.
  7. Get out of the home and have fun: Summers being mostly a holiday season we tend to stay at home and just hang around. Instead of that we can just step out in morning or evening and play some interesting sports or outdoor games. This could make you stress-free and active. 

You can follow above tips to lose weight but you may also require personal guidance since weight loss pattern and rate differs person to person.The miracle can happen this summer but the change should start with you.