First Step: Hydrate yourself adequately, drink at least 2 to 3 litres of potable water per day. Always carry a bottle of water whenever you go outdoor

Second step: Lose weight if you need to and maintain your BMI between  22 and 25. 

Third step: keep your blood pressure under control. Limit your salt intake to 4 to 5 gms of table salt per day

Fourth step: Keep your blood sugar under control. Keep checking kidney functions once every six months if you are a diabetic. consult your doctor immediately if you have a swelling of face and feet,if you have stopped passing adequate urine and if you pass blood in urine at any time

Fifth Step: Take your medication regularly, Do not skip them for any reason. Be regular and alert in following the instructions given by your treating doctor

Sixth step: Eat healthy,exercise regularly and do not smoke.Limit alcohol.

Seventh Step: Do not consume some over the counter drugs like aspirin, naprosyn, ibuprofen, voveran, etc. or pany, other pain killers.