We all want happiness. But with the daily stress and overwork, it’s easier said than done.

Here are seven little acts that can give you a daily dose of happiness:

  • Enhance your positive self-talk. We all have an inner conversation going on within ourselves. The tone and content of this self-talk influences our emotional state, behavior and state of mind. Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your ears. Start actively listening to yourself – is your self-talk positive? Try and keep the conversation positive. You may even throw in some positive affirmations to the mix. A happy mind makes a happy life!
  • Count your small victories. We may not be happy all the time, but we do have small things to be happy about. Focus on these. However, little the wins and victories may be in our daily lives, thinking about these will build the positive momentum and counter any negative onslaught in our minds.
  • Cultivate your connections. It is scientifically proven that persons who are deeply connected with others live happier, healthier lives. They also live longer. Improving your connections with friends and family will provide positive validation and enhance your sense of self-worth. Our lives are so interconnected with others and these connections are a great source of happiness.
  • Relax and move. Our body and mind are closely connected. Nourish your body with exercise, healthy food, adequate sleep and regular relaxation. When your body is healthy and refreshed, you can run faster, work and play more, love more energetically and generally aim higher in life. A healthy, positive body and mind make for more happiness.
  • Show appreciation. We live in really busy times. We may forget to appreciate the daily help and support others are providing us. Pause and give appreciation – it fosters all-round happiness. When you appreciate others’ help and guidance, you’ll feel happier and more content.
  • Learn something new every day. Keep an open mind. We can learn something new from almost anyone, anywhere. Be constantly curious. Ask questions.  There’s a certain joy in living simply while learning constantly. The more you learn, the more you know. This adds to your knowledge and wisdom. Also, you can teach what you learn. The more you learn, the more you can teach. This enhances interaction and bonding between you and others. Be constantly inspired and motivated – and happy.
  • Find meaning. There’s more to life than mere money and corporate success. We are a part of something bigger. Try and find purpose in your life. We all have deeper yearnings that go beyond material success. Find your purpose and you’ll find depth and meaning in your life. Real happiness lies in the pursuit of purpose.

Our daily grind can kill our inner spirit. Keep it alive by practicing these steps consciously. Most circumstances may be beyond our control, but our happiness can be achieved by actively engaging, connecting and responding positively.