Top 7 knee strengthening exercises are:

1) Knee Flexion (Prone)

• Attach elastic to secure object.

• Attach elastic to ankle of involved leg.

• Lie face down.

• Begin with knee straight.

• Bend knee through available range.

• Slowly return to starting position.

2) Mini squat

• Place elastic under feet, hold in hands and keep elbows straight.

• Stand with feet shoulder distance apart.

• Slowly bend knees to 45 degrees.

• Return to standing position.

• Slowly return to start position and repeat.

3) Knee Extension (Prone)

• Lie face down, attach elastic to ankle.

• Attach other end of elastic to secure object near head or shoulders.

• Begin with knee bent.

• Extend knee against pull of band.

• Slowly return to start position and repeat.

4) Leg Press

• Sit in chair.

• Loop elastic around bottom of foot.

• Hold elastic in both hands.

• Push leg down straightening at knee.

• Slowly return to start position and repeat.

5) Squat

• Stand on both legs.

• Hold elastic in both hands, elbow straight.

• Place elastic under feet.

• Bend knees to 90 degrees.

• Pull to add tension to elastic.

• Straighten knees.

• Slowly repeat.

6) Lunge

• Stand with one foot on middle of band. 

•Grasp ends of band and loop around hands at chest level, keeping elbows bent.

• Place other leg behind with knees slightly bent.

• Keep trunk straight and bend front knee, lowering body downward.

• Slowly return to upright position and repeat.

7) 1-leg mini squat

• Place elastic under foot of involved leg, hold elastic in hands.

• Stand on involved leg. 

• Slowly bend knee to 45 degrees and Keep back straight.

• Straighten knee.

• Slowly repeat.