Acidity is probably as old as our love for spices. It is a term used for a set of symptoms caused by excess production of acid by the gastric glands of the stomach. The stomach normally secretes hydrochloric acid which is required for the breakdown and digestion of food we eat. 

Acidity can be caused due to several factors like erratic eating habits, undisciplined timings of the meal, fad diets, stress, smoking and alcohol consumption, lack of physical activity. It can also be triggered due to eating stale foods, also oily and spicy foods. 

For most of us, acidity is quite infrequent. However, if you feel the burn more than a couple of times during a week, you’re suffering from Hyper-acidity. This happens when the acid in your stomach, that is supposed to digest food, finds its way into the food pipe.

7 natural home remedies for Acidity/ Gas Problems and Heartburn:

1. Coconut Water- Tender coconut water is nature’s ENO – an Ayurvedic medicine that brings instant relief from acidity. It has a natural alkalizing effect, which cools the acidic stomach juices. It even adds a protective layer over the stomach to prevent irritation from excess acid.

How to use: Rich in fiber, a glass of coconut water everyday helps in easy digestion.

2. Amla- Amla is one of the best natural remedies to cure indigestion and heartburn. It is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, which reduces swelling, tenderness, and pain in stomach. Amla is known to reduce Pitta (Heat) in our body, providing relief from the burning sensation.

How to use: You can either boil and sun-dry the amla or purchase a pack of dried amla to chew on.

3. Ginger- Ginger is another excellent Ayurvedic home remedy for acidity. Because it reduces swelling, ginger brings down the chances of stomach food pushed back into the chest cavity. Consequently, acidic juices don’t flow into the food pipe.

How to use: Ginger goes well with all kinds of beverages. You can enjoy it in a glass of smoothie, carrot juice or a cup of tea.

4. Basil Leaves- Tulsi (Basil) have soothing properties that provide an instant relief from acidity.

How to use: Make a habit to chew on a couple of leaves during the day. Or if you like it better, boil a few leaves in water and bid goodbye to acidity with a Holy Basil Tea.

5. Cinnamon- It helps to break down the food faster by stimulating the digestive enzymes. Additionally, it reduces the risk of developing ulcers when the acid flows into the food pipe.

How to use: You can add cinnamon to your daily cup of tea. Otherwise, you can drink a hot cup of water with honey and cinnamon powder.

6. Papaya- The enzymes in papaya are very effective in breaking down complex proteins. This means our bodies need to produce less acid to break down food that relieves the painful heartburn.

How to use: Add ripe papaya to your breakfast, or as a post-dinner savoury in your meal.

7. Garlic- Garlic has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Unlike other natural remedies for acidity, it helps in maintaining a crucial balance of digestive bacteria in our stomach. Taken in moderation, it can provide almost immediate relief from acidity.

How to use: Peel a small part and leave it in the open to reduce the natural heat in garlic. You can chew on it after 10 minutes.

Apart from the above list of foods that help combat acidity, it is important for one to know that an active lifestyle with daily exercise and minimum stress, drinking loads of water through the day and taking proper rest is essential for keeping acidity and gas problems at bay.