In today’s world, there are several medicines available to increase your sexual power. But why pop unnecessary pills when you can increase it in a natural way? Taking any allopathic medicines that interfere with the natural processes of the body will always have side-effects, so it is advisable to use these ayurvedic remedies in order to solve this problem:

1. Add Fruits and vegetables to your diet 

Good blood flow plays a key role in sexual performance. Eat fruits like bananas, orange,watermelon and vegetables like onions, garlic to increase blood circulation.

2. Stay Active 

Staying active is one of the best tips for improving sexual power. Doing sweat- breaking exercises for 30 minutes a day does wonders to your libido.

3. Reduce stress 

Stress can have a very bad effect on your libido, as well as your health. Doing exercises and yoga that can reduce stress, or talking to your partner about your issues can help calm you down.

4. Change bad habits 

Smoking and consuming alcohol can harm your sexual performance, because they cause the narrowing of blood vessels. 

5. Increase exposure to sunlight When exposed to the sun, the body produces less of melatonin. This results in waking up your sexual power, and is especially beneficial during the winter.

6. Eat almonds and ginger

These are used for increasing sexual power. In addition, they can also increase sexual desire, as well as fertility rates.