Insomnia is a leading cause of stress amongst most working-class population. It affects mood, work quality, and your overall well-being. 

If lately you find yourself not sleeping well and are experiencing all of the above mentioned things then here are a few simple tips that you should try- 

1. Identify the cause

This is the first and foremost step for solving any problem. Try to ask yourself some basic questions like- Is there something on your mind which is bothering you now more than earlier? e.g. Stress can often make you feel anxious and make it difficult for you to fall sleep.

2. Tire yourself out physically

It is good to regularly practice some form of physical activity during the day e.g. exercise, yoga, etc. It helps you to fall asleep more easily. It also helps you to get better quality of sleep.

3. Do not go to bed on an empty stomach 

It is essential to keep your nutrition up to the mark and never go to bed on an empty stomach. 

4. Do not worry about not being able to sleep

It has been scientifically shown that worrying about not being able to sleep actually worsens a person's ability to sleep. People tend to make themselves more nervous about not being able to sleep for adequate hours. By doing so they are more likely to stay awake. It is a vicious circle.


You can read a magazine or a book, but the light from the smartphones affects your ability to sleep properly.

6. No clock-watching

Do not keep checking the time every few minutes.

If despite following these basic steps of sleep hygiene you are unable to get sound sleep, it is best to consult with a psychiatrist who will guide you and help you with curing your insomnia.

Dr.Era Dutta

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