1. Inadequate SLEEP: Poor sleep due to any reason can lead to headache the followingday. It is essential to get adequate rest. If you can’t sleep well regularly,best to seek help from your doctor.

2. Acidity (Indigestion): Those who suffer from frequent heart burn or acid reflex, often complain of headache. Best to avoid foods that cause acidity (e.g. – tea,spicy, oily food, sodas etc.)

3. Dehydration: Out in the sun all day? Carry a bottle of water. Heavy drinking last night? You are more likely to be dehydrated and hence suffer a hangover and headache. Simple measure would be to have lots of fluids to keep the headache at bay.

4. Poor eyesight (Refractory error): A leading cause of headache in most people, especially children. If you are prescribed spectacles, please wear them. If despite wearing them you still suffer headache, it might be time tore-check your prescription for the eye-sight.

5. Sinusitis: Blocked sinuses, or for easier understanding, blocked nose can often trigger headache. Steam inhalation, and medication are equally beneficial.

6. STRESS: Six letters that cause multiple problems. Headache is just one of them.