Stretching Tools and Props

Different stretching tools and props we feel will help you reach your flexibility goals and as add variety to the basic stretches. These are relatively inexpensive and can be found at a local store that carries fitness equipment, or some may even be substituted by items lying around your house.

1. Foam roller: 

The foam roller is used to release tension in the muscles and provides effects similar to receiving a massage. The foam roller can be used on most muscle groups and is a great warm-up tool for any activity.

2. Dowel rod: 

This could easily be replaced with a broomstick. It often accompanies rotational poses and overhead movements around the shoulders to accomplish a greater range of motion.

3. Risers:

Any sturdy elevated surface can serve the same function as risers for many stretches shown in the book. However, the risers are nice because you can adjust the height to what fits you best.

4. Stretch rope:

Simply a rope that can be purchased at any home goods store. This piece of equipment assists a movement and provides a deeper stretch to the targeted muscle group. A 7-foot length works fine.

5. Stability ball and medicine balls:

Many different size balls are utilized. The large ball is known as a stability ball and can be purchased at many stores that carry fitness equipment. The stability ball adds an extra element to many stretches by incorporating a balance component or a greater range of motion. Medicine balls of various sizes are also used as props, but any type of sports ball will work as well.

6. Supported stability ball:

Using a support frame, or Halo™, with the stability ball will provide a stationary platform with more stability when needed. This can also be replaced by a sturdy chair for most of the stretches.