Ultimately, it is evident that homeopathy has a great scope for hair fall treatment.Irrespective of the reason behind hair fall, homeopathy can be incredible. To be specific, the following homeopathy medicines are quite known for hair fall treatment.

1. FluricumAcidum: It’s Well known for its ability to counter alopecia. At the same time, it can be equally effective towards prevention of hair fall post-Syphilis hair breakage,and fall issues.

2. Phosphorus:Ittoo is known for treating alopecia. 

3. Calcarea Carbonica: Itis one of the most popular homeopathic medicines known for its ability to regrow the lost hair. 

4. Vinca Minor: This Is best for countering hair fall issues due to dandruff. 

5. Silicea:It Has a proven effect on the serious hair fall issues leading towards complete baldness.

6. Baryta Carbonica:It Is quite popular among youth suffering from premature baldness like issues.