Allergy is a condition where your body reacts adversely to some common substances when come in contact with them. Those are called allergens. Some common allergens are dust mites, pollens, animal danders, some chemicals like sulphur, tetrazine, some foods like egg, shell fish, mango, strawberries, milk, meat, soy, some drugs like penicillin, tetracycline etc. If those allergens give reaction on skin then it swelled up like a patch and that itches. This is called urticaria. If those allergens react to your nasal surface that causes recurrent itching. If those allergens react to your respiratory tract then causes bronchial asthma. If those substance react to your eyes causes redness, itching and swelling of eyes. There are good homeopathy medicines that help to control those allergic reactions immediately. 

Homeopathic medicines not only relieve the disease condition immediately but help to boost the body to not react adversely to those allergens in future too. Some Common homeopathy medicines that are prescribed for different allergy problems- Eye allergy- belladonna, aeuphrasia, argentinum nitricum. Nasal allergy – Allium cepa, Sabadilla, Arundu, Alliumcepa. Bronchail asthma-arsenic alb, Ipecaca, aralia racemosa, Grindelia, BlattaMT, Aspidosperma. Urticaria – Urtica urens, calcarea carb, Medusa, Sulphur,Ais, Natrum mur.