Every year people greet the New Year with certain determinations of making the upcoming year the best year ever or maybe at least better than the concluding year. Resolution to eat healthily and lose weight is made in earnest, and people do begin the New Year with good intentions. Some do manage to succeed for a certain time, but there are many also who never reaches the start even.

Have you ever taken such resolution/s in the past but have failed to continue? Well, if it is the case, this New Year is going to be a year of success and surprise both for you. But before I tell you about the ways to stick to your goal and making it happen, we will need to come in terms with how our resolutions get pushed aside and what can be done with them.

Why do we fail?

1: We set unrealistic targets

We set targets like losing 15 kgs and even more in a month. It is impractical to think so to lose so much, and even we do by some means or the other, we will find ourselves healthy at the end. What you will end up losing will be water weight and lean mass.

Intentions should be sensible and practical. Losing slowly and healthily should be the target. 

 2: If you hit a bump on the way, you have no support

Look for people amongst friends and those who have the same resolutions and can be trusted as a safe friend. Even if you fail on something, you can go to him or her and seek solace. Have a strategy in case of failure before you begin, as it will help you get back on track in case of bumps.

3: You have committed yourself too many of the same things

Treating everything as the first choice becomes important, and at last, you end up doing none.

Choose your priority- a single and dedicated goal will help you go far. Draw out an action plan and remember that you have twelve months ahead of you to achieve your target.

Now that you all know the reasons we have been failing all these years in keeping up to the weight-loss promises we make to ourselves every year as resolutions for the New Year, there are a few more things to do that will ensure that you will never slip again. These will certainly work in favour and will always help you stay on track.

1: Get more veggies

Veggies are in bounty, and you should have at least three servings a day. They might not taste good, as many believe, but eating more of them is aiding the body with more nutrients and fibres. They will never dishearten you.

2: Improve your Fiber intake

Fibre has numerous benefits. It helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancers. Moreover, it will take you down without you even noticing. Whole wheat grains, cereals, and oats are great means to get fibre.

3: Look for more Omega 3’s

Omega 3 fatty acids are just the right ingredients for optimal health. It helps in lowering hypertension, fighting anxiety and depression, improving heart health, good for brain functioning and memory, etc. Salmon, sardines, walnuts, and flaxseeds are good sources of omega 3.

4: Reduce your meat intake

One of the main reasons for cutting down on meat and meat products and turning vegetarian is maybe for environmental reasons, but doing so, you will do tons of good for your heart. When you remove meat from your diet, you naturally remove saturated fats that increase bad cholesterol, LDL. Lean meats, poultry, and fish are good for non-vegetarians, and vegetarians have great options like tofu and soy.

5: Control your sugar addiction

Sugars are empty calories that do more bad than good to our health, Many of us suffer from sugar cravings, and we easily give up to it. This New Year, we should learn how to take control over it. Treat yourself with sugar but in a different way. Go for foods that have natural sugar in them like fruits.

New Year Resolutions can be “jumping-off place” for a lot of us, by altering a lifestyle that requires self-improvement. However, it can also turn out to be a time to struggle, undergo depression, and internal conflict. You can defend yourself from these and increase your chances of success by considering the above steps in advance and preparing for personal resolutions.