1. Drink Adequate Water  

Before leaving your house in hot summer days, make sure you hydrate yourself well. Do drink two - three glass of normal water before facing the sun. 

2. Avoid Aerated Drinks 

Do avoid soft drinks in soaring heat as they dehydrate your body, leaving you vulnerable to heat strokes. Instead consume natural drinks like coconut water, lemonades, buttermilk, curd, lassi, aam panna to keep you hydrated and healthy.

3. Consume Fruits Rich In Water Content

Add fruits like Watermelon, Marshmallow, Cucumbers, Litchi, Coconut,  to your daily  diet. This will not only keep you healthy but will also ensure that your body is hydrated for longer period of time. 

4. Wear Loose Cotton Cloths

Wearing Loose cotton clothes in summer absorbs sweat easily and helps you in keeping your body cool and relaxed.

5. Cover Your Head

Always remember to cover your head when you are going out in the sun. This will keep you cool and calm. It will also ensure that you stay protected from heat strokes.