As there is a huge list of expectations that women have from their husband but the most basic and common needs are listed down which every husband should keep in mind in order to lead a happy and successful married life. Behind every successful man there is a woman, so in order to be successful keep her happy by following these tips.

  • To Be Loved (Physical and Emotional support)

Every woman looks for emotional and moral support from their husband. As sometimes she feels low due to the household responsibilities and is unable to strike a work-life balance.  So in such a scenario, it is the duty of a husband to give her shoulder to lean on and to make her feel important in his life.

For Example, Husband should spend quality time compared to a quantity such as spending 30 minutes daily with his wife. Where you can connect with her emotionally by providing undivided attention (Without T.V and Telephone). A husband should also hug and cuddle his wife to lend her physical support.

  • To have Cared

A husband should take care of his wife in order to make her feel special and important in his life. A husband should take care of her small needs such as texting her and asking her about how she is doing, ensuring that she had lunch, asking her well being when she is unwell. Many times the husband can bring some gift or surprise in order to make her happy and feel special. The husband should also try and remember not only his own anniversary and birthday but also of his wife’s family and friends.

For Example: Whenever the husband is buying something special for his wife he should keep in mind the preferences of his wife. Like buying her favourite chocolate or flowers.

  • To be Respected

Many times the husband tends to take his wife for granted and doesn’t accept her difference of opinions. It is important for the husband to value his wife for the efforts that she puts in taking care of the family and about his needs. A husband should not talk rudely or mock his wife in front of their family and friends. The husband should appreciate her in order to boost her self-esteem and also inculcate confidence if she lacks in certain areas.

For Example, Husband can motivate his wife by appreciating about the good things she does like organizing house well, dressing well and for cooking.

  • To be Loyal

It is the need of every wife that her husband should be committed to her and only her. Many times wife ends up feeling insecure about her husband that he might engage in infidelity. Thus it is the duty of a husband to create an environment where she feels secure about the relationship through actions and words. This insecurity could be due the over dependency on the partner or lack of financial in-dependency. Sometimes women stop taking care of their physical health and fitness and may develop an inferiority complex. So the husband should encourage his wife and help her overcome these issues.

For Example, Husband should keep his wife his first priority as women like the attention he should keep personal issues private and not involve any third person in it. Husband can involve his wife in his decision-making skills and keep his promises

  • To be Understood

Many times women have unsaid expectation that she wants her husband to understand without saying it verbally. So as a partner it becomes the husband’s role to be observant about her likes and dislikes and her needs and wants. Women should also be assertive enough to put across her point in a rightful manner. A husband should not focus on the language and tone of his wife while speaking rather he should he should understand the feeling and intention behind such a behaviour. A husband should not assume things and should ask his wife if he is doubtful about what she said and what she meant.

For Example, if your wife is emotional and delicate then it is important to lend a sympathetic hand towards her.