Dandruff is not only an embarrassing condition but also a major cause of hair fall and hair weakening. It is estimated to affect as many as one in five individuals in India. Even though this is such a common issue, there is still heaps of misleading conceptions about dandruff. 

Myth 1: All flakes in your hair is dandruff

Fact: Sometimes flakes are only a consequence of dry skin on your scalp. While the difference between dryness and dandruff might be unclear to the common individual, medical experts to make a distinction between the two. If your flakes are relatively small and white, chances are you are dealing with a dry scalp.  Dandruff flakes tend to be larger and yellowish in colour.

Myth 2: Dandruff is Contagious 

Fact: Dandruff is not something that you can catch from someone else. The fungal bacteria that can lead to the appearance of dandruff are present on everyone's scalp, which means all our scalps are naturally predisposed to the condition.

Myth 3: Dandruff results from bad hygiene

Fact: While regular shampooing can help dandruff under control, this condition does not stem from a lack of hygiene even the most diligent hair washers can find themselves suffering from it. This is because dandruff is caused by various components, which include a characteristics overproduction of a hair oil or an excess of parasitic microorganisms that live normally on our scalps.

Myth 4: Dandruff only occurs on the scalp

Fact: It's true that your scalp is the most widely recognised spot to experience dandruff, yet it's by all account, not the only possibility. A few individuals additionally observe that areas such as the eyebrows, ears, and around the nose are inclined to flaking too.

Myth 5: Dandruff can cause hair fall

Fact: Hair fall is at some point connected with dandruff and an irritated scalp; however, these conditions are not mutually exclusive. Hair fall is not brought about by dandruff, but rather might be prompted by the incessant need to scratch a bothersome scalp. When we scratch our heads, the activity causes breakage in the hair. The root cause of hair fall includes anxiety, diet and the overall health of your scalp.