The word back ache becomes a common word today even in young peoples.It has become a part of our life which,if ignored in the beginning will end up with lot of limitations finally leading to multiple joint pain associated with low back.

  1. POSTURE:  Always try and maintain perfect posture in standing and sitting both during work and leisure time,This posture have its command on your movements.Improper posture will always alter your movements.
  2. ABDOMEN:  Keep you abdomen circumference under control and activate you tummy when you do each and every work(TA activation).Increase in your abdomen size will have its direct impact on the lowback.
  3. DRESSINGS:  Always prefer comfortable clothings which suits your body.Tight fitted clothings will always create stress to your joints inturn will result in muscle/joint pain especially with your lowback.Avoid keeping wallets in back pocket which will create asymmetry of hip joints inturn will result in disturbance of lower back.Continuous doing of same mistake will definitely bring back pain.
  4. EXERCISES:  We often find excuses for doing exercises.A proper strecthing session for 15 minutes will help you prevent backpain.Alternatively you can also go for SURYANAMASKAR steps in yoga which will nearly move most of your joints from head to toe especially your lowback.If you suffer with a  back pain a properly prescribed exercise protocol is essential.It will change with individual to individual,also with the chronicity of pain.

     5.REST: Lastly dont do any work continuously,give a break inbetween your work which relieves the pressure on back due to continuous sitting/standing.Always keep in mind correcting basic mistakes and doing basic exercises will certainly get you out of your backpain in the begining itself,ignoring this may end up in a worst situation.Try these simple steps and get out of your back pain.