Psychologists say that a workplace that does not have a supporting atmosphere cannot have productive workers. This means that having a good workplace is important. At the same time, it is also important to note that there exists no workplace without interpersonal issues. When we talk about a peaceful atmosphere at work, it is a combination of healthy communication patterns at work between the hierarchies and the co-workers. It also involves the physical atmosphere that in many ways is responsible for controlling/reducing /increasing stress. It is seen that when the stress at work increases, it adversely affects your personal life too. Issues that are seen arising out of workplace are bullying, discrimination, poor self-confidence, low motivation, interpersonal conflict or could even be a job misfit. Keeping that in mind, there are few important points that, if kept in mind, a person can resolve the issues successfully. 

1. Physical and Mental Imbalance

All issues faced at work lead to stress and anxiety. As we spend most of our waking hours at work, we invariably also spend most of the hours of the day in Stress. Stress makes our body hollow by physically affecting it. For example, physical ailments like stressed shoulder,back aches, headaches, weight gain, lack of sleep, etc. Mentally a person feels exhausted and starts exposing his negative emotions. Once the person is mentally fit i.e. he is less stressed and has good control over his emotions,he can tackle varied situations calmly with a composed mind. Hence it is important to rejuvenate your body or revitalise your body and mind by keeping it fit. This could be done by regular exercising, meditating and taking good care of what your diet. 

2. Solution Seeking

If there is a problem, then it needs to be solved. Identifying the problem correctly is the 1st and most important part of solving the issue. Once the problem is identified, it would be crucial to list down all the issues that are the root causes leading to the problem. This would help you gain more clarity of what problem you really need to work on. 

3. Listening/Understand

When conflict arises, all you need to do is keep calm. This will be your 1st step to understanding the issue. An issue is never sorted when two people involved in conflict only talk or blame. One has to be on the mature side to help the issue resolve. You may be the victim or the perpetrator. Either ways, start engaging in the habit of active listening. This will only help you see everything from everyone’s point of view and take a logical look at the issue. Once you are sure, you have understood the issue well, put it forth to the opposite person in a way that results in a healthy discussion. Many a times, the conflict is caused due to mere confusion or misinterpretation, hence do not try and jump to conclusions. In-fact find way to clarify your or other person’s intentions. This could itself be a big help and you would realise there was no issue at all.

4. Introspect

Issues arise in every workplace. In-fact a workplace without conflict is an illusion. Hence, it would be ideal to learn from your past conflict and introspect on how you have been dealing with the conflict. You could start gaining more insight on your emotional levels and the way you can manage your stress and anxiety levels. Introspection will let you understand what you have been doing wrong or how you could correct yourself and become even better. 

5. Look at conflicts positively

A conflict at the time could be very stressing but instead of stressing more upon what happened, why not take it as a learning session to what needs to be avoided in future to stop such issues from arising.A person would, in fact, grow from these experiences. It helps one appreciate the other person’s perspective, understand your strengths and weaknesses.

 If you have already tried out all the various strategies that usually help you handle the issues and yet you fail to unload the baggage of stress off of your shoulder, it is time you may need professional advice. We cannot expect a person to know and be able to tackle every problem in their life. There comes a point in life when you need a helping hand. When the advice from your close circles like your best friend or well-wishers seems incompetent for you to deal with the issue, it is only ideal to seek help. Suffering will only cause misery.