Here are 5 Simple ways to prevent Back Pain: 

  1. The right way to bend forwards:  When bending, our spine needs a lot of control by strengthened back muscles. Bending in itself is not harmful, but if your spine isn’t prepared for it you can land up in back troubles! We, at AktivHealth, can train your spine and other muscles by specific exercises targeted at each segment of the spine and prepare them for bending. 
  2.  The right way to sit: You should sit with your hips all the way back into chair keeping in mind that your hip and knee angle is 90 degrees and your feet are supported on a chair. Breaks from sitting posture every 30 mins are advisable. We help in making your office sitting comfortably as you maintain the curves of your spine in sitting via a stable pelvic base and setting the correct muscles into action. We advise you on a good chair too. 
  3. The right way to work: Whether one is a software engineer or a housewife, we all twist, bend and stoop in all possible ways when we work. Make your spine flexible and strong with us and be prepared for all your moves. We help with right ergonomics at your workplace which can be a boon for your productivity too. 
  4. The right way to exercise: With today’s sedentary lifestyles and wrong habits, we all decondition such that our muscles forget how to fire sequentially to avoid injuries. This puts us at risk of back pain. At  AktivHealth, we design exercises to recruit and train the correct muscles which under supervision can be the key to maintaining a young and healthy back! 
  5. Right lifestyle changes to fitness: Obesity and smoking, long associated with back pain, can be both avoided and cured. Our Clinical nutrition programme (Metabolic Balance) targets the reduction as well as maintaining the ideal weight.