PCOD is basically a lifestyle disorder. It takes years for PCOD to manifest. Long term faulty lifestyle is the core – cause for PCOD. Just adopt the following ‘5’habits and get rid of PCOD from roots permanently.

1) Meal Timings: Hormonal system is all about rhythm. If you follow rhythm in your lifestyle, ovary will do the same and periods will be in rhythm. Start  taking daily meals on same timings. Do not go for erratic patterns of meal timings. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be at the same time of the day. Dinner should be early. Morning and evening snacks if you are having, it must be a healthy one and preferably fruits. Keeping meal timings regular maintains metabolism excellently.

2) Exercise: Daily physical exercising is must for PCOD patients. Especially if you are having sedentary work pattern. It helps maintaining your metabolism to optimum level. It also helps shedding extra fat and assists reducing insulin resistance. Amount of exercise needed for you may vary depending upon your weight, work pattern etc. Physical exercising should be preferably done in morning hours.

3) Sleep Cycle: “Early to bed and early to rise” is the mantra to beat PCOD. Go to bed at 10pm and do not stay awake late nights. Get up early in the morning after 7-8 hours of sleep and go for exercise. Do not oversleep as it again lowers the metabolism badly. Keeping awake late night can disturb metabolism badly and nurtures PCOD. If you get up late in the morning, it will also nurtures PCOD. Sleeping in day times is strictly prohibited. Calm and restful sleep at appropriate time can do miracles. It has power to heal PCOD naturally.

4) Stress Management: Nowadays it is well proven that stress alone can cause PCOD. Stress has very bad effects on metabolism. Stress alters quality of acid secreted to digest food. Food remains half digested and spoils metabolism badly, enhancing PCOD. Currently everybody has stressful work and life pattern. You cannot get rid of the daily work stress but you have to learn to manage it in some way. Few options can be time planning, noting down important works in daily diary, planning work etc. Yoga, maintaining hobbies like singing, dancing, painting may also do. Taking break in daily work and rest is also important.

5) Yoga: Certain yoga practices and asanas are potentially beneficial to improve metabolism, maintaining the immunity, supporting reproductive system, improving circulations to the reproductive system, inducing ovulation, assisting hormonal balance, keeping the mind calm and cool and many more. Few asanas which are helpful in PCOD can be Tadasana, Trikonasana, Janushirshasana, Setubaddhasarvangasana, suptabaddhakonasana, Prasarita padottasana and Shavasana etc. Daily yoga of 15-20 mins after exercise is extremely beneficial to arrest PCOD. This also make sure that PCOD should not reoccur.