When the core is intact and able to act as a stabilizer, it helps enable the rest of the body to align properly. Since the transverse abdominis is properly activated, the superior structures of the body are stabilized and also ready to activate. When the thoracic and TVA are properly functioning, the diaphragm is able to assist in stacking the joints by lifting and expanding the rib cage. An optimal thoracic spine will place the upper body in line with the lumbar spine, thus eliminating the issues of excessive kyphosis and lordosis. 

Fixing these alignment issues puts the glenohumeral joint in a neutral position, thus making it feel natural to have retracted shoulders (instead of internally rotated shoulders). Eliminating internal rotation and placing the glenohumeral joint in a neutral position will in turn foster good shoulder function. 

This will become evident when the palms face the body instead of facing backwards. When other parts of the body are aligned properly, the neck can also follow into a neutral position that is not forward and flexed. Proper stacking of the LPHC and thoracic spine will inevitably re-align the cervical spine. 

Additionally, when the gluteals activate properly, in conjunction with activity in the adductors, the femurs and tibias may now achieve neutral position by facing forward, which in turn corrects the externally rotated feet.



With a good structurally sound core, glutes and thoracic spine, the pecs, lats and other muscles that influence the shoulder can go into a neutral and relaxed state. A sign of a healthy shoulder region is usually revealed by a wide open chest region.


 Alignment in the feet and knee region are at the foundation for explosive and dynamic movement.  As we can see they are pointing straight forward in a neutral position.


In an efficient posture, the hands should be facing towards each other, along with the elbows almost facing straight backward. It is all too common to witness many people with deficient posture have their palms facing backwards, similar to a gorilla.


A neutral posture will usually spawn a relaxed cervical region. Because there is no unnecessary imbalanced musculature in the lower extremities, it leaves the cervical spine no choice but to be efficient.


When the abdominals are functioning at optimal levels, they will operate at the deepest layer first. The most important level of core function should happen from the transverse abdominis. The transverse abdominis is the foundation to all effective stability and in ideal situations it takes priority in almost all functional movement.