Our lives are so busy to keep up with the fast-moving world that we often miss taking care of the most important thing we have – our health. Not only do we stuff anything and anytime not taking care of our diet and biological clock, but also avoid signs that speak of our failing health.

Our experts at Bansal Global Hospital list every day 5 signs that one shouldn’t ignore. If you can identify with any of these signs, you need to see a Doctor before the condition worsens:

  1. Cough: It’s normal that you suffer from cold and cough once in a while. But if you notice yourself coughing frequently, it might not be because of just cold. There are many lung-related diseases that start with it. So, it had been a month or more, consult a Doctor immediately.
  2. Excretion Routine: If your stool or urinary routine is changing, you need to notice it more properly. Too much or too little urination are signs of various illnesses. Your stool routine should also be taken care of or it can call in discomfort along with other stomach and intestinal infections.
  3. Fatigue: If you aren’t doing any extra work and still feel lazy and tired all the time, you should see a doctor for any medical complication leading to the symptoms.

  • Bone/Joint Pain: If you feel pain and discomfort regularly at the same place, you need to consult an orthopaedic Doctor. Bone problems if detected early have much more chances of getting treated than when diagnosed at a later stage.
  • Skin Changes: If you see sudden changes in your skin, you shouldn’t ignore it. Black marks, rough and cracked skin, blots, and unexplained puss filled pimples can be signs of a severe disease. Consult a Doctor for proper diagnosis rather than ignoring it.
  • Overall, you should be very possessive about your health. Even if one organ misbehaves, your entire lifestyle is affected. So, take care of your bodies to live healthier and happier lives!