The Ministry of Health released that 91 dengue cases have been reported across the country until early July 2019. With monsoons round the corner, this number is definitely going to shoot up. It therefore becomes important to make arrangements to tackle the threat of the most common vector borne disease in India.

Dengue is a viral infection transmitted through the bite of infected female mosquitoes that feed both indoors and outdoors during the daytime (from dawn to dusk). These mosquitoes most commonly thrive in areas with standing water, including puddles, containers and old tyres. Lack of general sanitation and regular garbage collection can also contribute to the spread of these mosquitoes.

Young adults are most affected by dengue in India. Although the severity of the disease can be as high as 'fatal', dengue can be prevented if proper day-to-day care is taken.

Here is a list of quick things you need to do to prevent dengue

1. Do not leave stagnant water lying around the house. Remove water from coolers and other small containers at least once in a  week. Alternatively, you can also put about 2 tablespoons (30 ml.) of petrol or kerosene oil for each 100 litres of water inside coolers and large containers. This will prevent mosquito breeding.

2. Discard items that can collect rain or run-off water, especially old and discarded tyres, broken pots, etc.

3. Wear clothes with long sleeves to protect your skin from bites. It is essential to use mosquito repellents, especially while stepping out during late evenings and night. Do not allow children to play outdoors in shorts and half/without sleeves clothes.

4. Prevent entry of mosquitoes into the house by using screen on doors and windows. Keep unscreened doors and windows closed.

5. Do not let the garbage collect near the house. Keep your wet garbage separate and throw in a bin (which is kept covered).

Consult your nearest doctor if you feel feverish or are experiencing symptoms like severe body pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, skin rashes & get it tested for dengue immediately. 

Stay safe & healthy!