ARTHRITIS PAIN its a very common condition as 80% of older people face this problem. Inflamed joints, stiffness, painful walk and movement makes our life very difficult. Its a degenerative disorder that worsens with age. Since modern science has no cure for it, lifelong management with painkillers,steroids and joint replacements are some options. However, Ayurveda can help us a lot to get relief naturally with no side effects.


For treating this pain naturally one has to understand his body. Here are 4 ways to take care of our body and joints as well.

  • CONTROL WEIGHT GAIN- Obesity or over weight is the prime cause for arthritis pain. Increasing weight, increases the pressure on our joints. This may lead to more difficulty in movement. So take care of your weight and manage it accordingly.
  • EAT HEALTHY STAY FIT-  Ayurveda says  'FIRST TREATMENT STARTS WITH KITCHEN' Proper intake of calcium and vitamin d enrich food like milk and milk products are really beneficial for the joints. Orally intake of fenugreek, ajwain, garlic with warm water really helps in pain and swelling. Avoid vata vardhak ahara like ladyfinger, cauliflower, rice etc as they can aggravate pain.

  • EXERCISE- Mild form of exercises are very useful in arthritic condition like morning and evening walk really help a lot. Some yoga and asanas are beneficial but under guidance. Avoid too much of exercise as it may worsen the condition.
  • REGULAR OIL APPLICATION ON JOINTS- According to Ayurveda and modern science as well the lubrication medium or liquid  in common language decreases and leads to friction and finally pain and swelling occurs. To avoid this condition external application of oil on joints helps in smooth movement and strengthening of joints too.

Follow these small steps and you will feel relief from discomfort and pain. Try to follow natural treatments and Ayurveda for great results.