Knee pain is one of the most common problems in the Indian community. A walk in a park reveals about 60% population who are aged 40 and above, have some sort of knee pain.

The main culprit we can say is the lifestyle. We Indians have become more of lazy and sedentary. We have become used to 'chalta hai ' phenomena.

A simple walk in the park is not enough.

Here are a few ways that can help you reduce the knee pain caused due to arthritis and further progress:

1. Exercise: By this, I do not point to heavy workouts in the gym. It means to strengthen the muscles around your knee to support the joint and a static cycle or a treadmill can be helpful. As we tend to compensate for the lost strength with the help of other muscle groups, a proper muscle strength diagnosis by a physical therapist will help in diagnosing the weekend muscles and provide a good exercise regime.

2. Yoga: For knee pain, all kind of yoga can't be done. There are a specific group of postures and techniques that will help you in reducing the knee pain. Again, there are a lot of different variants of yoga; certified practitioner will help to prescribe the appropriate asanas. Even the humble Google will enlighten you with the various types of asanas but the best can be done under the supervision of a yoga practitioner or instructor.

3. Medicines: A common notion is that painkillers can't be taken every day. But, if the pain is severe and restricting your activity or movements, then you need to take them. Also, you need to get your calcium levels checked especially the Indian women who somehow tend to ignore this, but dear ladies it's for your own good. Depending upon the test results, calcium supplements need to be taken under a practitioners' guidance.

4. Weight: Yes, joint pain relates to what we eat. You need to avoid foods which are sugary, salty, fried, and all kinds of junk food and eat foods rich in Calcium, Vitamin C and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Overweight or obese individuals need to work on weight reduction, keeping in mind their knee pain. Proper diet counselling and exercise will help in achieving their goal.

To successfully reduce your knee pain, you need to strictly follow your exercise regime, medicine intake and manage your weight for the rest of your life.

These are general tips and the specific regime will vary from person to person.