Being a pediatrician maximum of our OPD time is spent in treating fever-related cases. Every parent must remember that not every fever is an emergency. 

When a family welcomes a small baby in their family, along with the joy you invite many more things, few to name, responsibility towards the baby who cannot communicate, accountability towards every action towards the baby. 

And the most heartbreaking time is when the baby is having a fever with irritability.

Here are a few tips to help your child. You must have a thermometer at home, and fever medicine (paracetamol). Anytime you feel the baby has a fever, please document fever on a paper, as DATE/ TIME/TEMPERATURE. Help the baby cool down, by having minimum light clothing, give paracetamol as mentioned on the medicine box. Most important WIPE THE BABY FROM TOP TO BOTTOM WITH NORMAL TAP WATER with every fever spike, till temperature decreases to below 100F

Danger signs indicating the need to visit a doctor are:

1. Fever more than 101F

2. Any symptoms other than just fever

3. Altered sensorium

4. Fever lasting more than 2 days. 

Visit your doctor in the above cases and show her/him the temperature record maintained at home, which will help the doctor make the right decision. 

Remember not all fevers require antibiotics to treat. In most fevers observation and symptomatic treatment is the only thing that is required. Below mentioned is a video link to advice similar to what I follow with my patients.