1. Do not be afraid : It will give rise to tension.

2. Learn to say NO.

3. Give importance to other people's opinion.

4. Spend time with your children : Parents are the children's best friends.

5. Cultivate a hobby : Reading is one of the best hobbies.

6. Make a right economic plan and save for the future : One should inculcate this habit from the very beginning of the career.

7. Maintain good relationship with everyone and people around you.

8. Maintain a loving and smiling personality.

9. Love your working environment: Positive relationship with the colleagues can be crucial.

10. Have a correct assessment about yourself

11. Natural relationship between husband and wife needed : It is the conjugal relationship round which everything else revolves. Everybody whether woman or man must sacrifice equally.

12. Sweet fragrance around keeps the mind fresh.

13. Keep your mind free from stress and pressure: one need to share his or her stress with someone close. 

14. Make a smooth daily routine and work accordingly as check list.

15. Eat right food : Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a princess.

15. Do physical exercise and yoga and pranayam  daily.

16. Listen to music regularly.

17. Meditation daily : 5 mins to 12 mins : your mind will be tranquil and mental stress will decline.

18. Take care of local environment : avoid lousy, noisy , dull, dark atmosphere. Your place should be your liking.

19. Cultivate good habits : Habit is the second nature.

20. Observe whether someone close to you suffering from mental depression : Take care of them.

21. Elderly family members should be treated with care and respect.

22.  Do not borrow money except when extremely necessary : TO MAKE A LOAN TO MAKE AN ENEMY .

23. Open your mind frankly to someone you trust.

24. Do not get addicted : One of the major causes of depression is addiction to alcohol.

25. Determine your family outlook on living : Every family should have an unwritten rule. There should be mutual harmony among st all family members.

26. Keep careful watch on the health of your dear ones.

27. Cope properly with the economic crisis.

28. Try to control your temper and anger.

29.  Do not indulge into unequal competition : Competition with other born of jealousy ruins once peace of mind.


REF : Excerpts taken from the book " RECLAIM LIFE- FIGHT DEPRESSION " by Dr Hiranmay Saha ( one of my mentors)