Before getting out of bed every morning, if your body feels especially stiff, tense, slumped, or heavy in the morning, it may be beneficial to perform a few simple movement/breathing exercises before you even get out of bed. 

This will-

  • Re-lubricate your joints, 
  • Ventilate your lungs, and 
  • Prepare your structure forall the movement that is needed in the morning . 

This process naturally takes place when you stretch and yawn. It’s a good move to add a few extra moments of comfortable, healthy stretching and deep breathing before getting out of bed.

  1. Avoid getting up slumped and rounded:
    If you sleep in a curled- up position, and/or feel rounded and stooped over when you first attempt to get up in the morning, take a few moments to first lengthen out your body while you’re still in bed. Instead of slumping through your morning, attempt any of the following good moves before or soon after getting up.
  2.  Avoid “struggling” to get up:
    Don’t attempt to pull your head and spine directly up against the forces of gravity. Avoid tensing the front of the neck and abdomen to pull forward; this simply strains the soft tissues in these areas and squashes the joints together.
    Attempt to use gravity and momentum to get up to sitting.
  3. Try Log Rolling:
    This involves rolling the head, neck, trunk, pelvis, and legs simultaneously so that little twisting occurs between these areas. Keep your breathing and the muscles along your spine relatively relaxed; that is, don’t tighten your neck or abdomen. Instead, allow the synchronized rolling weight of your body and gravity to do the work. The weight of your legs is the ”anchor weight”; allow their lowering towards the ground to pull you up as you simultaneously push up with your arms. As you lower your legs keep facing the bed where your arms are pushing otherwise gravity will pull you onto your backside.
    This method can be done slowly if you are feeling cautious and uncomfortable. Or it can be done quickly if you are feeling well . Either way, this good move reduces much of the force on the spine and is more efficient way of getting up to sitting.