A stressful life and an unhealthy lifestyle impacts not only our physical health but also our mental health. There are some instances now that have proved that most cases of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and stress, happen due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Though in an extreme condition, you may need the help of a professional expert, there are many ways through which you can keep your physical, as well as mental health, in check. 

1. Proper Diet 

Food is the most important ingredient of a healthy body and mind. Today, many physical ailments take place due to a wrong diet and unhealthy food habits. Some of the most common mistakes that people make these days are: Skipping important meals such as breakfast, not consuming a balanced diet, Depending more on junk food items rather than healthy food items. It's always best to consume lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits. The vitamins and minerals available in a balanced diet are very important to keep you away from health issues. Also, green vegetables such as spinach help in oxidizing the blood that reaches your brain and help in the proper working of the brain cells. 

2. Exercise 

Along with consuming proper and balanced diet, it is also important to provide a proper amount of workout session to both the body and mind. Today, some people rely on gym instruments inside the four enclosed walls of a room. This may help you in getting a well-toned and fit body, but may not benefit your mind. If you wish to keep your mind away from problems such as tiredness and stress, then it is important to inhale some fresh air at least once a day. A good way is to go for some exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling and others, in the open air for some time. The fresh and open air, along with exposure to greenery, refreshes your mind and hence controls the release of anxiety toxins in the brain. 

3. Proper Schedule 

After a proper diet and exercise, what is most important is relaxation. If you are working the whole day and you do not have time for relaxation, the tiredness will make you fall sick. Some useful tips are: Sleeping at least 8 hours a day, Practicing meditation in case of extreme stress, Taking out some time from a busy schedule in doing activities you love to do, such as playing music or reading books. Thus, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle not only to keep your body fit and healthy but also to keep your mind healthy and free from anxiety and stress.