1. Sleep Keeps your Heart Healthy

2. Sleep Helps you to Lose Weight

3. Makes you more alert 

4. Helps your body to heal itself

5. Sleep Boosts Your Immune System

6. Sleep Helps You to Live Longer

7. Sleep Improves your Memory

8. Improves the Glow of the Body

9. Repairs cells and keep them Active

10. Control the Blood Circulation

11. Improved ability to focus on work

12. Increase your metabolism

13. Extend your Lifespan

14. Improves your Physical Performance

15. Sleep Reduce your Risk for Depression

16. Sleep is important for protein synthesis of your hair

17. Sleep Helps your Mood and your Mental Well-Being

18. Sleep Supports Healthy Growth and Development

19. You will be able to build muscle more easily

20. Good Sleep Sharpens your Attention